If you’re older than 50 – you need to read this book.

You’ve Grown Older.

You’ve changed.


Your life is somehow different. Your world is more complex. Your spirit seeks answers to questions that churches aren’t asking. 



There’s a feeling of abandonment, perhaps loneliness. You’re on your own to find the God who understands the changes of aging. A God who can answer your prayers.



In the past century, the Protestant Church transformed its theology, worship styles, music, and mindset to satisfy America’s youth. In the shift from Noah’s Ark to the Good Ship Lollypop, it abandoned spiritual care for older people and many of them grew disillusioned trying to reconcile their clergy’s glowing promises of God’s abundance, with the harsh realities of old age.



Growing Older with God presents a bold, biblical approach to help you navigate the stormy waters of aging, at a time when many people feel old, tired, discouraged, or may even wonder if they should just end their life.


Growing Older with God  won’t provide you with the usual sermon of sweetness and light. Be prepared for a piercing look at the spiritual questions aging brings, emotional challenges, and the quiet suffering that awaits all of us when we get older.




Then, get ready to learn biblical ways to overcome them. 

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Steve Walsh



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     Steve was born, educated and grew up in the heart of Southern California. After he graduated high school in 1968, he enlisted in the California Army National Guard as an Infantryman. Later, he was selected to attend Infantry Officer Candidate School, and then the Special Forces Officers Course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As a Guardsman and Reservist, he was able to continue his educational studies, and career prospects which included a stint in the movie business, television, radio and the publishing industry.

     At the age of thirty-three Steve experienced Jesus Christ, and a calling to ministry. He enrolled in seminary, was ordained and then he re-enlisted in the Army, only this time as an active duty chaplain. For twenty-three years he was privileged to travel all over the world caring for soldiers and their families. Steve participated in the Panama Invasion, the Gulf War I, the Haiti Invasion, two tours to Iraq, and the most dangerous combat zone of all, Killeen Texas with the 1st Cavalry Division.

     During that time he began writing stories and lessons about God that he shared with his troops. Some of them, along with others, you will find here on this website. After a total of twenty-nine years in military uniform, Steve retired from the Army at the age of sixty-one, and devoted his ministry to the aging and elderly. From that experience he wrote Growing Older with God  which is his answer to the questions many olders have as they face the uncertainties of aging.

     Steve lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife, family, and two dogs.

     He’s a graduate of the University of Southern California (B.A.), Pepperdine University (M.B.A), Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Columbia Theological Seminary (D.Min.).

     If you want to know more about what Steve’s up to, you can send him your email address at the bottom of this page. He would enjoy hearing from you.

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